Single image inpainting


C++: void inpaint(const Mat& src, const Mat& mask, Mat& dst, const int algorithmType)
The function implements different single-image inpainting algorithms.
  • src – source image, it could be of any type and any number of channels from 1 to 4. In case of 3- and 4-channels images the function expect them in CIELab colorspace or similar one, where first color component shows intensity, while second and third shows colors. Nonetheless you can try any colorspaces.
  • mask – mask (CV_8UC1), where non-zero pixels indicate valid image area, while zero pixels indicate area to be inpainted
  • dst – destination image
  • algorithmType – expected noise standard deviation * INPAINT_SHIFTMAP: This algorithm searches for dominant correspondences (transformations) of image patches and tries to seamlessly fill-in the area to be inpainted using this transformations. Look in the original paper [He2012] for details.
[He2012]K. He, J. Sun., “Statistics of Patch Offsets for Image Completion”, IEEE European Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2012, pp. 16-29. DOI